Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sweetest Tongue has Sharpest Tooth

I made a cut paper book of the original story of Little Red Riding Hood for my final major project. These are photos of some of the 'scenes' that pages of the book create, and the poem I wrote to accompany the book. And I only cut my finger once...

A pretty little village girl,
Who wore a cloak of Red,
Set off to see her grandmother,
Who was unwell in bed.

She lived beyond the forest,
So far from sight of home,
It was a dangerous journey,
No girl should take alone.

She travelled through the forest trees,
And on her way she met,
A Wolf who smiled with pointed teeth,
But she thought him not a threat.

The Wolf, he asked her where she goes,
Naively she replied,
“I go to see my grandmother,
Who lives on the other side.”

“I’d like to visit, too” he said,
“And I shall race you there.”
Then Wolf set off at such a pace,
But the cloaked girl did not care.

She’d rather wander by the flowers,
Than win a silly race,
And took her time among the trees,
While Wolf reached Grandma’s place.

Finally when bored of playing,
The girl reached Grandma’s door,
But found inside a stranger sight,
Than she had seen before.

Her grandmother had ears so large,
She hardly could believe,
And eyes so bright and round and sharp,
She barely could conceive.

But ‘twas her teeth she most could see,
Were larger than before,
And when the little girl enquired,
Wolf opened up his jaws!