Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A few images from a booklet I made for a compilation CD of my favourite songs.

A couple of real oldies here.

Marla Singer rolling her eyes.
Marla singer smoking her cigarette.

I am Tyler's mouth.
I am Tyler's hands.

These took me so long to figure out how to make, I thought they deserved a photograph.

Illustrations for Why Not Eat Insects? by Vincent M. Holt.
Oh, so many reasons... 

In a dusty old house, where the floorboards did moan, 
At a dusty old piano, a little girl sat all alone.

And next to where they landed, where the tears fell thick and fast,
Did lay the missing piano key, 'til a river was made at last.

It washed the piano key out the dark, And down some pipes it sunk,
Until the tap next door, it sounded, not with 'drip, drip' but with 'clunk'!
A few pages from my children's book Bear's Unbearable Garden. A completely new style for me, but it was fun doing it.

Monday, 22 November 2010

Obsession. This is my postcard that was part of our Kingston Illustration/Animation zine which we premiered at Handmade and Bound on Sunday 21st. Awww...

Etching for mum. Well, the draft one anyway, she's got the best version of course. Crappy photography, soz.